Best Seller - Nanami Tea Zen Set

Best Seller - Nanami Tea Zen Set

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Nanami Tea Zen Set includes four types of organic green tea to power up and support your daily activity. Organic certified. Calorie-free. Sugar-free. All natural. From Uji Kyoto, Japan

001 Matcha 30g - 30 servings
Ingredients: 100% finely ground organic Japanese green tea powder
★ High in caffeine and antioxidants
★ Perfect for mixing into smoothies, lattes, sauces, or pastries

002 Sencha 40g - 20 servings
Ingredients: 100% Steamed organic Japanese green tea leaf
★ High in caffeine with a lively, fresh flavor
★ For pre/post-workout and healthy daily hydration, provides energy boost

003 Hojicha 40g - 20 servings
Ingredients: 100% Roasted organic Japanese green tea leaf
★ Nutty and toasty with a slightly caramel-like flavor and low in caffeine
★ Drink after a meal or before bed to soothe the stomach

004 Genmaicha 40g - 20 servings
Ingredients: Organic green tea blended with roasted oragnic brown rice
★ The rich, nutty sweetness of the roasted rice blends perfectly with the fresh flavor of green tea
★ Drink before a meal to suppress appetite

Use these four types of green tea at different time of the day, to enjoy the health benefits through the day.


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