Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide from our warehouse in the U.S.


How much will it cost to ship my tea?

Shipping is free :)


How long does it take for Nanami green tea to arrive at my door?

We usually send your package within 1 business day of receiving your order. Shipping usually takes 3 to 5 business days in the United States. Shipping time for international orders depends on the country/region but usually takes about 2 or 3 weeks.


Can I track my order?

Yes, all US and Canada order shipments can be tracked. You will receive an email from our fulfillment center after shipping containing the tracking number along with a link to the shipping carrier's tracking site. 

Other international orders can not be tracked. 



What are matcha, sencha, genmaicha and hojicha?

In general, green tea is a type of tea that is made from Camellia sinensis leaves that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used to make oolong and black tea.

Matcha is the finely ground powder of shade-grown green tea with the highest amounts of theanine and caffeine. This combination of chemicals is considered to account for the calm energy people might feel from drinking matcha.

Sencha is the most common variety of Japanese green tea, made by steaming young leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant.

Hojicha is roasted green tea. Unlike other Japanese green teas, hojicha has a distinct brown appearance in the cup.

Genmaicha is a blend of green tea with well-toasted brown rice (genmai).


Where does Nanami green tea come from?

Nanami green tea comes from Uji, Kyoto in Japan. We source our teas directly from organic tea farms there.

Uji is a city on the southern outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. For 600 years, Uji has been an important production and distribution center for superior quality green tea.


Is Nanami green tea organic certified?

All Nanami Japanese green teas are 100% organic certified.


What are the main benefits of drinking Nanami green tea daily?

Some of the top benefits of Nanami green teas are:

- Weight loss: Green tea increases one’s metabolism and helps burn fat faster.

- Anti-viral and anti-bacterial: The catechins in green tea are strong antibacterial and antiviral agents. They help treat everything from influenza to cancer.

- Better skin: The antioxidants in green tea help minimize wrinkles and signs of aging.

- Mood enhancer: The theanine in green tea is an amino acid that provides a relaxing effect.


How much caffeine does Nanami green tea contain?

Matcha: 70 mg caffeine per cup

Sencha: 30 mg caffeine per cup

Hojicha: very low in caffeine

Genmaicha: very low in caffeine


How do I prepare my Nanami green tea?

You can check the product page for each tea here.


Are all Nanami green teas calorie-free and sugar-free?

As we do not add any sugar to our teas, they are naturally sugar-free and calorie-free.



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