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★ Roasted Japanese green tea leaf
★ Nutty and toasty with a slightly caramel-like flavor
★ Perfect to enjoy with or after a meal to soothe the stomach
★ Organic certified
★ Sugar-free, calorie-free
★ Low caffeine level
★ Single-origin from Kyoto Japan

About Hojicha

Hojicha is a distinctive variation of the traditional green tea we all know. Tea leaves are roasted over charcoal in a porcelain pot, rather than steamed, giving it the rich, brown color of chocolate. Although quite unique, it has a flavor similar to toasted nuts, with a hint of caramel.

There are many reasons to choose Hojicha. The porcelain roasting process removes much of the caffeine, making it a great choice as a relaxing evening drink for adults and children. Served with your evening meal, Hojicha can aid the digestion process, even after the most indulgent dinner.

Traditionally, Hojicha is enjoyed both hot and cold, with both equally tasty and quick to brew. These days, a Hojicha latte makes a great alternative to coffee. Stirred into hot milk for two minutes, and strained to remove the leaves before serving, you can appreciate what is fast becoming a coffee shop favorite in the comfort of your own home.

How to make hot Hojicha:

  1. Add 2 tsp of Nanami Hojicha to the infuser of a teapot.
  2. Add 16 ounces of water at 195° F into the teapot.
  3. Steep for less than 2 minutes, remove the tea infuser from the teapot, or pour all the tea into a cup to avoid over steeping.
  4. Enjoy the second infusion by adding additional hot water to the teapot.

How to make iced Hojicha:

  1. Add 2 tsp of Nanami Hojicha in the tea infuser or tea filter.
  2. Put the infuser or filter into a bottle and add 16 ounces of filtered water.
  3. Steep in the fridge for 6-8 hours or overnight.
  4. Remove the tea infuser or filter and the iced tea is ready.

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