Matcha and Yoga; A “Matcha” Made in Heaven

Everyone has heard of yoga; this exercise combines physical, mental, and spiritual power to exercise strength, flexibility, and breathing. Even though some consider yoga to be purely physical, it is also an effective meditation technique that has been shown to help foster inner peace. Something else that’s perfect for meditation is matcha tea. Matcha tea was introduced to the Japanese by a Zen Buddhist monk to help them meditate. There are few things that go together better than matcha and yoga.


It’s almost impossible to imagine that there could be a beverage out there that aids meditation. Even so, the history of matcha is based around fostering peacefulness and aiding meditation. There are a number of uses for meditation; such as becoming more mindful or wakeful, and matcha has been shown to calm the body and make the sensation of well-being last longer. Drinking matcha tea before starting your yoga session makes the session much more efficient. So, what is it that makes matcha and yoga such an ideal combination?

It Unlocks a New State of Mind

Matcha is rich in the amino acid L-theanine. This amino acid is a powerful stress reliever, and it also improves cognitive function. This means that it boosts the production of alpha waves, which is just what you need for effective yoga and meditation.


It Energises and Reinvigorates You

Many people feel that decaffeinated drinks are the best choice as far as health goes. The opposite is true, as matcha contains ideal levels of tannins and caffeine. The result is that your morning cup of matcha makes you alert enough for your yoga session without making you overstimulated and giving you those post-coffee jitters. Matcha is a much better alternative to coffee for starting your morning with a kick.


It Calms and Relaxes You

Just as yoga is a great way to achieve inner peace, matcha pushes the peace to a different level. The caffeine in matcha is different to the caffeine in coffee; in that you don’t get headaches or jitters rom it. Because of the L-theanine in matcha, the caffeine is released slowly. You have a nice boost of energy, but you also stay perfectly relaxed and calm.


It Relaxes Muscles and Boosts Focus

Two of the most important things for yoga are relaxed muscles and focus. Matcha works wonders for focus, allowing you to be in the moment at all times and avoid distractions. Because matcha has ten times the antioxidant content of green tea, it also makes yoga more effective when it comes to burning fat.


If you want to get the most out of your yoga session then you need to combine it with a high quality cup of matcha. Give it a go for yourself and feel what a difference it makes. Get Nanami's organic Matcha here :)