Exposed: the awful secret behind the popular "teatox" programs

You’ve probably heard of all the revolutionary detox/teatox weight loss programs currently available. Every single one promises some amazing benefit, which is guaranteed to help you lose those extra pounds as part of a clean eating diet. Delve a little deeper though, and you might get a nasty shock. Those magic teatox program that are massively endorsed by celebrities actually have some rather unpleasant secrets.

The active ingredient in a lot of teatox products is senna leaf. Sure, senna is a natural product, but it’s actually a very potent laxative, found in medications like Senokot, Senexon and Ex-Lax. If you’ve ever needed to take one of these medicines, you’ll know that senna works by causing your body to excrete fluid as quickly as possible.

This is absolutely fine if you’re suffering from constipation and want to clear out your system, but if you’re a healthy person, losing a lot of fluid could be extremely dangerous. Inducing diarrhea unnecessarily will certainly help you lose weight, but in a potentially harmful way to your body. There are also contraindications with other medications, such as the contraceptive pill, which make senna a very risky proposition when it comes to weight loss.

At Nanami, we don’t believe in adding senna to our products. We want to offer you the health benefit of tea, without the catch. Our Matcha, Sencha, Hojicha and Genmaicha green teas are as natural as Mother Nature intended them to be. Our metabolism-boosting green tea blends help your body to lose that weight naturally, rather than through dangerous, short term benefit processes like dehydration.

There’s no need to feel sluggish and drained, as you would with a laxative-based product, because not only does green tea boost your metabolic rate, you’ll also enjoy a boost in your energy levels through the caffeine which occurs naturally in green tea leaves. You’ll also benefit from the calming effects of heanine, which is an element found in green tea leaves, and the green tea catechins – strong antibacterial and antiviral agents, which can ward off everything from the influenza virus to multiple types of cancer.

At Nanami, we’re leading the teatox revolution, giving our customers nothing but the benefits of green tea in our Green Tea Power Set. No chemicals, no additives, just pure and delicious tea. The weight comes off, and it stays off. Isn’t that what your body deserves?

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