5 Things You Should Know About Sencha Green Tea

You don’t need to look far to find people who will tell you that Sencha green tea is a great choice, and with it growing in popularity, Japan’s best-kept secret is now available for everyone to enjoy. With Nanami Green Tea, you can enjoy it exactly as Japan’s tea connoisseurs intended. So, what should you know before you get brewing?

1. It’s Japan’s favourite tea

This is quite an accolade for a country which is home to so many tea varieties! In fact, 80% of all tea consumed in Japan is Sencha green tea. If you’ve eaten in a sushi bar, and ordered a green tea, it’s likely that it was Sencha green tea which you were served.

2. Making the perfect cup of Sencha green tea is quite an art

Put down that boiling water if you’re brewing Sencha green tea. The heat of boiling water will burn the delicate tea leaves, leaving you with a very bitter tasting liquid. Aim for hot water, heated to a temperature of around 70ºC. Don’t try to over steep the tea by leaving the leaves in the hot water for too long either, because you’ll lose the refreshing, light taste. Two minutes is usually about right. Want to enjoy Sencha green tea cold? Put the tea into cold, filtered water, and leave it to infuse for about five hours.

3. You can sweeten it up

If you’re drinking Sencha green tea for its health benefits, you’ll be pleased to know that you can sweeten your Sencha with natural honey, or add lemon juice, mint, or any other natural flavouring of your choice to make your tea taste just the way you like it.

4. It contains natural caffeine

Sencha green tea contains naturally occurring caffeine. No artificial stimulants, or nasty chemicals – it’s perfect for that first cup of tea of the day, getting you ready for your busy day, or as something to prepare your mind and body for a workout. In fact, as a metabolic booster, it makes your workouts even more effective, speeding up weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet.

5. It's healthy

Not only is Sencha green tea a fantastic pick me up at any time of day, it offers a multitude of other health benefits. It’s great for the skin, with anti-ageing properties, acne fighting complexes, and the ability to minimise UV damage. Catechins, one of the natural ingredients in Sencha green tea, are nature’s antibiotics, keeping germs and viruses at bay. With a boosted immune system, your body is well placed to fight off colds, heart disease, and some studies even show it has helped keep certain types of cancer at bay.

Whatever reason you have for choosing Sencha green tea, we’re sure you’ll soon feel the benefits. Why not get started right away with Nanami’s Sencha green tea?