5 Things You Should Know About Matcha

Just like champagne is only truly champagne if it comes from a certain region of France, true Matcha can only be produced in Japan. That’s why if you want the genuine product, you need to buy it from tea experts, like Nanami. Don’t accept imitations – our Matcha is high quality, Japanese Matcha. What else do you need to know about Matcha? We’ve put together five fun facts about our favourite powdered tea.


1. It's a special type of tea

Matcha is a particular type of green tea, which is fully covered to protect it from the sun while growing. This gives it a better, more concentrated flavour, and a texture which is easier to grind into powder, giving you a cup of smooth and relaxing tea with maximum health benefit.

2. Matcha contains caffeine

It's about half the amount of caffeine you’d get in an espresso. The difference between coffee’s caffeine and Matcha’s is that a cup of Matcha also contains boosters like amino acids and L-Theanine which releases caffeine slowly, so the effect of the caffeine from the tea lasts longer and is more intense than even the most potent cup of coffee.

3. 10x the health benefits

One cup of Matcha gives you ten times the health benefits you’d get from a cup of regular green tea, with 3.25mg of calcium, 274mg of protein, vitamin C at 1.85mg and more antioxidants than you’d get in the so-called superfoods like acai berries and goji berries. How does it do this? Unlike leaf teas, Matcha powder is able to make use of the entire leaf in its ground leaf powder composition, rather than dunking the leaf in water, which can only make use of 10% of its nutrients.

4. Not all Matcha is equal

Finely ground ceremonial grade Matcha is the king of all Matcha powders and you really will get what you pay for. Genuine Matcha is from Japan, so beware of imitations from China and Taiwan. Cheap Matcha tea is often yellow, rather than vibrant green. The green comes from the shaded growing process, which concentrates the plants’ chlorophyll levels. Higher quality Matcha has higher levels of L-Theanine, making the taste even more delicious.

5. You can use Matcha in lots of your favourite recipes

Cupcakes, cookies, puddings, and so many others can really benefit from the addition of Matcha powder. Put a twist on your morning drink with a Matcha latte. A spoonful of Matcha gives your shakes and smoothies a great health boost, but it is naturally bitter in large quantities, so you may want to experiment to discover the level which works for you.

Matcha is incredibly popular in Japan, where you’ll find all sorts of products benefitting from this incredible ingredient. Matcha noodles, Matcha Kit Kats, and Matcha Cream Puffs, which are similar to Twinkies. Why not try some of Nanami's Matcha green tea powder for yourself, and see how you can make this super food part of your daily routine?